The Scions of Damara

S03E03 - The Steading - Part 4 & Part 5

Investigations, Discovery, and Bonfires

Perrin Silverlight

We started out discussing weather to full rest or short and how when a Hill giant yelled something and charged down the stairs we were by with a big table as a shield so all the discussion was moot. lol 4 other hill giants and 2 stone giants followed. A big fight started. The stone giants threw stones at Locust and almost broke your concentration on the wall of fire but it was maintained. A good thing because just as we killed the last stone giant the wall came down and more ogres, hill giants, a giant creature and Nosenra came down the hallway. I was still in earth elemental form and I (Perrin Silverlight) sprinted up to block the hallway and they could only attack me allowing others to heal or prepare. I got pushed back some but that was ok because it created a kill box where I was attacking along with Kane and we killed one at a time as they came down the hallway. that worked till Nosenra made it up. We were out of healing and I was at 2 HP in earth form so I dropped it and went back to wood elf and we would have some healing. Kane, Karric and Silanna were attacking it. A funny thing then happened. Kane got taken down. I ran up and casted a heal then he was back up. Next round down went Kane. I healed again. Same thing. down went Kane. It happened like 4 times. It was like a game of Whack-A-Mole. We all were Laughing or asses off. Karric went down as well. Locust stayed in one spot the whole night firing his cantrip of fire doing great damage. Finally both Karric and Kane were down. I had thrown a ice storm in on Nosenra as well but didn’t take it down but got close. Finally a last cantrip from Locust took him down. We were literaly tapped out of spells except for my 4 first level cures. SO I used them to get both Kane and Karric up and walking and we went to camp in the forge area when we saw something odd in the fires of the forge. A Fire elemental was trapped there they had enslaved for the forge. After the full rest I went fire elemental so I could speak to it after we freed it. I talked to it and mostly it kept saying “Consume” meaning it wanted revenge and was going to burn the place down. I convinced it to let us loot stuf real quick upstairs before it destroyed the place. Which we did. As we left we got far enough away and watched the show of the place burning down in a HUGE bonfire. That’s were we left off. All of the prisoners and the party starting to head for Fort Thorn with the dwarves wrapped in a 26 foot giant grizzly pelt. That was what the creature was with Nosenra.


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