The Scions of Damara

S03E05 - Beautiful Helgabal - Part 1

Riding into the city of Helgabal spurred a range of emotions in the group, for Kane it is just returning home again, having only been away for a few weeks, for Karric, apprehension. He had been gone for a long time and hasn’t been back to the city since his assignment with the Bloodstone army to enter the Underdark. Perrin however, was glad to be there, he might be able to meet up with his brother Solnarus whom he hadn’t seen for a long time. Locust was excited to actually be in a “real” city again and reveled in the initial sights and sounds, while Olfgar grumbled about being in a cramped city surrounded by stinking humans. “Bah, where’s the Pub?” Silanna was most affected by the return to her capitol city. The last time she had been there had been over one hundred years ago, while the Dragonsbanes where still in ruler ship. The city was a mere shadow of what it was in those days. This truly was not Heliogabalus anymore. It was Helgabal.
Sir Halumoor, thanks you for expeditions transportation from the Bloodstone Gate to the capital. He asks if there is anything that he can do for you in the city. It will be a few days before he and his attendants to can re-open manor Halumoor. As a result he will not be able to do anything, other than answer questions until then.
Kane, Karric have houses here in Helgabal. Perrin can find shelter in the groves that he helped establish here in the city. Locust, Olfgar, and Silanna however have no other recourse for shelter other than in Inn. Well, Reaver offers to provide Silanna a place to stay, he does offer in the most polite gentlemanly way possible.
What would you all like to do?

Silanna –
Silanna graciously declines the invite from Reaver. After securing a decent, safe inn, Silanna will let the rest of the party know where she’s staying, and invite the mage and dwarf to stay at the same place. After that, she’ll search the city for any hint of Helm’s presence or followers (though highly unlikely for the latter). If there would be any sign of Helm’s return, it would be in a city like this, she’d think.

She’ll try to commune with Helm for guidance for any next steps he may wish for her to take at this point in her life. If no definitive path is given at this time, she’ll assist the local populace in any way possible, spreading the word of Helm, and performing healing and restorative work in his name to spread the word – hopefully gaining trust and fellowship from those she encounters along the way.

DM (to Silanna) -
While doing as you detailed, your initial communes reveal nothing directionally speaking, but you your observations of the Guard of the city show them to be lacking and quite corrupt. Some of the more honest guards seem to be those you may be able to tutor and guide in the ways of Helm.

Perrin -
For now off the top of my head, sell the pieces of items and convert to gold or plat pieces then divide them. What do you mean by waiting to re open Halumoor house? Are we just waiting for them to get the supplies and troops ready for us to escort back to the other place we came from?

DM – Halamoor Manor had to be re-opened. It has been closed up for the years that the Lord had been away. The missive for troops and the information regarding the location of the other giant strongholds was to be delivered to the castellan of Frostmantle Keep. The Royalty are not seeing anyone for now at Frostmantle Keep. At least not for the next two days. You are informed that this has been the norm since King Reagent Rea had taken over administration of the kingdom after the King’s passing. The keep is shut up the first two days of every ten day. As such you all will have the next two days to wander and do what you will.

DM (to Kane) –
In speaking with some of your Order, you discover that Davos is on trial for breaking his Oath, and that the presiding will be in several days.

Kane -
Kane will inquire about the bullshit charges that were brought against Davos. And try to weed out the corrupt from the loyal “brothers” at the order.

DM (to Kane) -
The knights that you speak to all seem to retain their shine, if you will. As far as they know he has been accused of not upholding his vows by a Thayan Merchant. He has since been in prayers to Corellion (his diety) in isolation. The rest of the Order is searching for Kastor for two reasons. One to testify in the upcoming trial and two he is wanted for the murder of another mage. Solarus Silverlight has been called to testify as well on Davos’s behalf.

DM (to Ulfgar) –
You have no general ties to this city nor really to this group once Reaver pays you what Sir Halumoor and yourself agreed upon. Reaver, commends you on your ability and that should he need something smashed, he will definitely look you up. You, do happen upon Karric as he is having a conversation with some human guy missing a pinky. They were speaking that gibber jabber that rouges commonly do to one another.

Ulfgar –
I would like to thank Reaver for the job, and to let him know I’m always looking for more work. Also I’ll head to the inn Silanna found, and enjoy some ale.

Silanna – I’ll join Olfgar and partake in a couple pints of ale and some comfort food. And swap stories to get to know him better.

The next day I’ll go talk more with the guards, and their commanders to see if I can easily deduce how deep the corruption goes in the ranks, and stow that info away in my memory banks for the time being.

I’ll try and set as many people as I can on the straight and narrow and see if I can get anyone to take a bite at Helm’s apple. If there are a couple interested, I’ll ask them to do some cursory acolyte work, like investigations into possible artifacts or long lost books or scrolls on the teachings of Helm. I’ll try to pick interesting topics as to keep them engaged and learning about Helm. I’ll let them know that I’ll be checking back with them on their leads.

Dm (to Silanna and Ulfgar) -
While you two are eating at the tavern an errand boy runs up to you and tells you that Master Perrin needs you (Silanna) to come quickly.


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