The Scions of Damara

S03E05 - Beautiful Helgabal - Part 3

Karric's Night Out

DM (to Karric) – You notice in that while you are getting re-acclimated to the city that the “Bounty Boards” have Kastor listed as an enemy of the Crown. Another thing that happens is that while wandering you run into an old guildmate, Lanny Four Fingers, he lets you know that Mouse (Guild Leader of the Tightpurses) knows you are in town and wants to see you.

Karric – I want to ask Lanny if he knows anything about Kastor or Davos, and also let him know I can meet Mouse at the Tavern tomorrow..Does he know why he wants to see me? (Also if I can trust Lanny) I want to ask basically what things seem different since I’ve been gone, if he knows anything about the corrupt Guard, why the keep is shut for two days every ten day, and if he knows much about the king Reagent Rae..

DM – Lanny tells you that he don’t know much about no paladin and don’t much care. He does know that your cousin (Kastor) is accused of killi’n some mage or somthin. Lanny is about as trustworthy as any rouge you’ll meet, but he’s got no reason to lie about anything hes told you. “The Guards? bah city watch’s been as dirty as the streets for a good long time, s’only a few that are worth their salt, an we ten ta stay away from dem ones? Ya, people say that King Reagent Rea’s alot like Yarrin Frostmantle was. He don’t give two squirts ‘bout us down ’ere out o’ the tower. Piss on em I say. People say that he shuts the Keep up tigh for 2 every ten to get his jolly’s and what not if ya be catchin ma meanin’. Filthy bugger buys up a brothel at a time ta fill his appetites. Greed o’ dem Nobles.”

The following night, Its Lanny Four Fingers that meets you at the tavern. He tells you that Mouse ain’t comin’ ta you. You come ta him. “Being guildleader an all that makes sense” he remarks with a simpleton’s grin. “Com’on I’ll take ya. Bring yer gear if ya want, but leave the civilians behind, they got no place in the hall.” You go with Lanny?

Karric – I will reluctantly agree to go with Lanny, not knowing what to expect.. As far as gear goes I’ll drop mostly everything at my place except a few gold, the short swords (nightbringer tucked out of sight), and the cask of excellent wine.

DM –
Karric, you are lead from the Shield o’ Field Tavern and Inn down a road and a path and an alleyway that seems familiar. Lanny passes through a secret door and beckons you forth. Down a spiraling stair case, you find yourself in the sewers of the city. He leads you through a few more passages and in to an open chamber. The chamber is bathed in dim light emanating from two braziers that are burning low on either side of the 30 by 40 room. The walls are covered with fine tapestries depicting the history of Damara. A fine rug of some large creature covers the floor in feels lush under foot. At the end of the chamber sits a throne like chair with several small torches that extend from the top like a crown, each is burning low and the room is draped with shadows everywhere. Upon the throne like chair is a small halfling lounging comfortably, this is Mouse, the guild leader of Damara’s thieves guild. Before resting on the floor is his pet hell hound, Sheeva if you call, is her name, and on either side of Mouse are his half-ogre body guards. Everything seems in place save for some creature that sits in deeper shadows at the very back of the room. It looks like it is covered in plate armor and sits very still as the shadows seem to writhe about it of their own accord.
“Welcome home Carric, It is good to see you again. You have been away for a long time. Let me be blunt. You have always been a pain in our asses. Who ever heard of an assassin with a moral code, but alas you are good at what you do and you have always delivered providing we danced around your ethics. Something vexes me though good man, you return from playing hero in the underdark and can’t even pay a visit to your family. You are family aren’t you? You see, I think of you as brother and that makes me concerned about you. So, I’ve been keeping an eye on you. You seem different to me. You no longer wield the blade like an assassin, but use magic and illusion like some damned arcane trickster. Well my friend, war is coming and I need to know where you stand. You see we’ve brokered a deal. The Tightpurses will survive. You with us, or are you going to continue to play hero? You are my brother aren’t you?”

Karric -
I told him to suck a bag of dicks soooo….

DM -
“That is disappointing Carric, Lord Banac, you are welcome to take what is yours. Good bye Carric.”
The sound of plates grinding together echoes from the writhing shadows, and a voice like grinding stone fills the room. If lava could speak, this is what you imagine it would sound like. “Relinquish Nightbringer and I will allow you to live. Defy me and die.” and he advances on you with great speed. Nightbringer whispers in its raspy voice “Karric, if you hand me over I will see to it that I will devour your soul and deliver you unto oblivion. However we must run, this creature is beyond us.” As the creature closes in, you get a closer look at it and if Kane were buried for a year and burst from the ground this is what he may look like. Armor black as night, encases the rotting visage of a dragonborn that has fires burning in the pits of its empty eye sockets. It pulls a blade from it sheath as it advances that looks like blackened steel pitted flaked, it doesn’t so much as glow, but drinks in the light around it.
He kicks you with one great boot and blasts you through the doors behind you. They splinter with your impact and you roll through the assault and grit away the pain standing. You turn to run, and shadows coalesce behind you and you see the point of that wicked sword poke out of your chest once then twice and feel almost all of your life force drained away. The cold and agony threaten to overtake you, and you stumble ahead numbly as the heavy boot falls stalk in from behind. A shower of stones explodes ahead of you and you can see the night sky through the hole in the street above. The cloaking robes of a mage stand at the lip of the hole, and it says to you, “Get to your feet cousin, you haven’t much time!” Leaping to your feet you will your limbs to obey and scramble up the fissure in the street as the robed figure chants words of magic again. The undead dragonborn picks himself off of the ground, and throws a dagger at the chanting mage striking him heavily in the shoulder. Not even breaking cadence in his spell casting he finishes the spell and a wall of iron materializes in corridor below trapping the creature behind it.
“Come with me. I haven’t much time.” says a wheezing voice from beneath his hood, and he starts shuffling down the street and into an alleyway Kastor produces a scroll from the folds of his robe and reads it aloud. A shimmering gateway appears and he steps through. Come with me we will be safe in my laboratory. I have potions to heal you there as well.
With a flash of light, you find yourself standing in a glowing rune etched circle in what looks like a well constructed dungeon (not jail, but like a basement). Kastor leads you through a door to a laboratory, where you see lumbering around what looks like hulk of stitched together drow body parts that grunts at you as you pass through, “Do not mind Rexx, he is mostly harmless.” Through another door you enter into a room that has a table set in the middle and a several cells. You can see inside of one a drow female that is repeatably bumping into the cell wall over and over again. In another, a drow male is sleeping on the floor, at least he looks like he might be sleeping. Standing by the table is another magical construct of heavy armor. It greets Kastor with a hollow sounding “Hello Master.” to which Kastor responds, “Hello William.”. He turns to you, and says please now Karric, remove your shirt and hop up on the table and William will attend to your wounds." and he turns to begin mixing a few vials together that form the familiar red liquid of a healing potion.
Then he put up a forcecage around us and was healing my necrotic wounds as you guys busted in..


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