The Scions of Damara

S03E05 - Beautiful Helgabal - Part 4

Locust's lost love

Locust -
Locust will spend the time studying trinkets and babbles and using his charisma to get a group of three or four people to follow him and be up coming officials in “The magistrate of the horned head” also see if he can talk some people into giving him a few free meals. If there is any trouble along the way him and his officials will help. Also try to go to any magical shops or the Smith with the dragon scale shit.

Dm -
Your intial forays into getting free meals are re-buffed as, “you a nice feller but…”, despite your charms and what not you are rebuffed by the prejudice that Kane had told you about in this city. Your efforts do gain you some trust and some good conversation, but not much beyond that yet.

While visiting the Tome and Talisman Arcana Boutique:
As you begin to look over the wares of the Tome and Talisman Arcana Boutique, you see a female tiefling tending the back counter. from the quick glance that you got of her she looks vaguely familiar. she hasn’t noticed you yet

Locust –
Try to blend and scope her out see if I recognize her from a good place or a bad place lol

Dm -
She looks a lot like your significant other that you lost in Thay,

Locust –
Assuming it’s her sister I will approach and try to use my charm to not get slapped.
As you get closer, she notices you and her mouth drops open a bit. Getting a better look you can see that she is not Zheila’s sister, but Zheila herself. She mutters, “By the Black Hand… Is that you Locust?”

DM -
“come on, do you know another man this handsome?”
She rounds the counter and … well mushy stuff happens (that I wont RP), If you let it.

Locust –
Haha I can figure

Dm -
so does she lock up the store for the day or not? lol

Locust -
Well I guess she would lol. Being as we have been apart
lol, through the evening and to high noon the next day the year and half of separation is made up for. She tells you about what had happened and how she came to be in Damara, running an Arcanist shop. Detailed here – Zhelia


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