Dragonborn Paladin of Vengeance (Bahamut)


Born in 1452 DR, in the settlement of Abutar Sidur, Kane was raised in a warm and loving clan. It consisted of dragonborn that were no longer happy with maintaining the old traditions of Tymanthor. As a result the clan had relocated to the Great North, as they had originally called it and settled in a remote location of the Giantspire Mountains to start anew in Faerun, and let go of the ways of Abeir that had plagued them for generations. The primary motivation for relocation was spiritual. The clan of Abutar Sidur embraced Bahumut, Lord of the North Wind as their patron deity. As such Kane and his brood mate, or brother, were raised in the teachings of the Dragon King.

Early life wasn’t easy in the north, with bitter winters and human prejudice, survival meant being strong of will and forgiving of harsh words. In time the humans that traveled around the dragonborn’s settlement begrudgingly accepted them, and trade began in small spurts making life easier for the clan. As a youth Kane and his brother Banac endeavored to befriend the locals and show them that dragonborn were good and honorable peoples. Together they had many adventures traveling to the nearby settlements and speaking with the people of those villages. Their natural charisma earned them many friends in the region and brought pride to the relocated clan.

In time the Order of the Silver Chalice rode to the village of Abutar Sidur. They were tasked by the paranoid King Yarin Frostmantle to assess the threat of “dragon men” to the Kingdom of Damara. The initial conversations with these “Knights” began at the tip of a sword, but as this clan had done with the locals, they had proved themselves good and honorable. Awed by these men in resplendent steel suits and fine weaponry the boys began to emulate everything these initial emissaries did, from swordplay to more mundane daily rituals. Before long, the knights in turn noticed them. With their usual charm, the boys became fast friends with the Order and were taken on as squires.

For several years Kane and Banac squired with the Order of the Silver Chalice. In the times they were not with the knights they were with the elders of the clan seeking the “Voice of Bahumut”. Strong in his devotions, Kane was blessed to hear the voice of his deity early on. Banac on the other hand was lackluster in his religious studies and took more to the martial aspects of his training; as such the “Voice” never came to him. As years passed, both grew in strength of arms and in Kanes, case divine power. Given his ability to commune with Bahmut Kane was accepted in the Order of the Silver Chalice and formally trained as a Paladin, meanwhile Banac was left to continue his training as a warrior alone.

Formally inducted in the Order of the Silver Chalice, Kane had taken an Oath of Devotion to his deity and to the Kingdom of Damara. When his training was complete he returned home to rejoin his brother and his clan. Banac had become a master of the sword, and a fine warrior in his own right, but Kane could tell that their time apart had not been easy for him. He was welcoming, but always bitter and condescending when referring to the Order. The brothers soon left Abutar Sidur to find adventure in the wild lands of Damara. They headed south to the Dunwood to explore the ruins of the elven city of Lo’eil Lelorian; destroyed hundreds of years past by, as legends have it, the shadow of death. They conquered many foes in the ruins but found no sign of the fabled shadow of death and the only thing of interest they recovered while they were there was a small shard of red crystal that emanated a sickly aura. Kane insisted that Banac get rid of the thing, but he would hear nothing of it, insisting that they needed at least something to make their time in the blasted woods worth their while. Attaching it to a leather thong Banac wore it about his neck, often proclaiming that Kane had his pretty little holy symbol, now he had his. The brothers quested together a bit longer together and as time passed Banac became more resentful and condescending toward Kane until eventually they parted ways when Kane was recalled to the capitol to attend a conclave of the Order of the Silver Chalice.

Kane was tasked with aiding in the protection of the capital of Helgabal during a great upheaval. The world seemed to be unmaking itself and remaking itself all at once. The event would eventually be referred to as the Sundering, the separation of the two worlds of Toril and Abier. None of it made sense to him and he figured that it was best left to the scholars and the mages. As the world settled once again, Kane was permitted to return to his clan. When he entered the settlement that was Abutar Sidur, nothing registered as right to him. The carnage that was his home was complete. The dead of his clan shambled about locked in a state of undeath. Rotting dragonborn fell upon him in waves, battering him with their dead hands and gnashing at him with their dead mouths. For many minutes he battled his kin and released their souls into the afterlife. When he though he was done, he was assaulted with another horror that he was unprepared for; the broodlings, the children of the clan. They came at him like feral animals and he was given no choice. Some he recognized. Some he did not. All of them must fall. The village had to be cleansed. He made his way to the center of Abutar Sidur only to find yet another horror awaited him there. The elders of the clan had been crucified upside down and disemboweled. What blood they had ran into troughs that fed a ritualistic circle etched into the earth and in the center of that circle stood Banac, covered in blood, covered in their blood. The sliver of crystal that hung from his neck pulsed an angry red as did the circle of defilement he stood with-in.

“You’re just in time brother. Look around you and witne…”, Banac never got the chance finish what he was saying. Kane impacted him with his shoulder lifting him fully from the ground and slammed him back down as hard as he could. Banac landed sickly across a log and his back snapped with the sound of cracking timber. He tried to reach for his blade, but Kane was quicker. With a flick of his wrist Banacs hand was separated from his body and flopped away awkwardly. Kane began to thrash his brother savagely. Over and over again Kane bludgeoned his brother with his fists. Just as he was to land the final blow, he stopped, breathing in gasps, and said, “No.”. He reached down to the shard hanging from Banac’s neck and tore the thing free. The vileness of the item burned his hand and wracked his soul, as he cast it away.

Kane stood before King Yarin Frostmantle surrounded by his peers. Slumped upon legs that no longer worked, Banac wheezed through swollen lips as Kane recounted the events the few days past. His oath of Devotion to the Kingdom dictated that his brother be judged before the King. The revulsion of the other knights was etched on each of their faces. The older knights remembering Banac as a youth and the time spent with him shook their heads with disbelief. When the accounting was complete the hall had fallen silent, save for the labored breathing of the battered dragonborn before them all.
“Death! To be carried out forthwith.” was the King’s decree. “Kane, you are the accuser and will deliver the will of the King.”

Without sound, Kane stepped to his brother and grabbed him by back of his head. With his other hand he loosed a long thin bladed dagger and placed its tip to Banac’s throat. Banac began to croak, “Brother..”, and Kane slowly pushed that blade in. Banac gurgled and bloody froth formed at the wound, and he slumped to the floor of the audience chamber.

“No, you are not.”

Long moments passed before anyone said another word, and the one to speak was Kane.
“Let it be known, I say before you King Frostmantle and to all of you Knights of the Chalice, and especially to you Lord of the North Wind Bahumut.”, he said glancing up, “Before you all I renounce my Oath of Devotion! I will never stay my blade again in the name of ceremony. I will give no quarter to those that bring corruption into this realm. There will be no mercy for the wicked. I say to all of you, that I will destroy any who threaten those weaker than themselves in the name of evil, and I will do this by any means necessary. This is my Oath. My Oath of Vengeance to you all." Again silence fell across the audience chamber until it was finally King Frostmantle began to quietly laugh in his raspy voice. “Yes, Kane, you will be the blade of the crown. It is my will that you mete out justice throughout the land. You will be my Adjudicator. See to it that you use your station wisely, lest you be the one to be judged.”
“Yes mi ‘Lord.”
“Now go. All of you, and send someone to clean up this… mess.”
Banac was later buried in an unmarked pauper’s grave, denied the burial rites of his people. To Kane, Banac had no people, no clan, no god, and no brother. “Let him rot. May his soul be damned to wander the Fugue plane forever.” That very night, Kane left Helgabal to begin his new assignment. To bring vengeance upon those who deserve it, and to protect those who could not protect themselves.


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