Tiefling Sorcerer (Dragon Lineage)


Locust and Zheila, one a sorcerer and the other a warlock, both had a thirst for knowledge of items arcane. That is what had brought them to Thay. They sought the legendary artifact known as Thakorsil’s Seat, a large stone chair that, as legend had it, has the power to bind and hold a god. The seat itself was used at one time to contain the current ruler of Thay, Szass Tam; a lich of unimaginable power. The two dug into their investigation discretely and made head way into finding its location. Twice before they were lead a stray, but this third lead seemed to hold much promise. They were to conduct a ritual of location at the summer’s solstice. This ritual would show them exactly where the artifact was. High summer was still months away though and the two thought they could make a little extra coin trafficking some arcane goods in the city. While Bezantur wasn’t as big as Waterdeep it was a very large city that trafficked in everything from grain and foodstuffs to slaves and other nefarious beings. A southern coastal city with access to the Sea of Fallen Stars meant that almost anything was available for the right price, and the two tieflings often found themselves in the middle of negotiating those prices.

Winter faded and spring turned toward summer and the two had made a name for themselves as ones who could procure anything. While searching for the reagents that they would need for their ritual Locust happened across an unusual duo. One was a druid and the other a Dragonborn Paladin. Curiosity got the better of him and he struck up a conversation with the pair. They were on a journey returning north towards their home and would only be in the city while their ship re-provisioned for the long sail from Bezantur to the North. Good people, Locust had thought. He didn’t figure that they would last very long in this town. Good people, especially good Paladins and Druids make for quick marks in this land of undead and necromancers.

Returning home, Locust was stopped on the street by a, what he recalls, a beautiful woman. She spoke to him in a voice like honey through alabaster fangs. “Good tiefling, you dabble in things you should not. You ask about things you should not. You seek items you should not. You and your consort practice magic when you should not. This has not gone unnoticed. Do you wear the red robes of a magister of Thay. No, you do not. The Zulkirs are not forgiving of profiteers and those that seek what you have sought. Come with me; let us pay your abode a visit.” Helpless, but to follow the mesmerizing woman Locust slowly walked along behind her to just outside of the small shack that he and Zhelia had been renting.

“Call to your consort.” the vampire purred and he was helpless to resist. “Zhelia, darling, come here.” Locust drawled out. She came to the door spouting, “What’s all this darling business?” Then she saw them. Locust, slack jawed, standing next to the vampire and four other men dressed in red robes. Green peas of energy leapt from their hands and Zhelia dove back into the building as four fireballs erupted inside of it, conflagrating the building in green flames. Locust mind screamed in rage and defiance, but his body stood motionless. “Come my pet”, she purred and they began to walk back the way they came as Locust’s life burned behind them.

As they approached the docks, a flicker of recognition flitted through his numb mind; the paladin had just walked past them. Did he notice? Would he do anything? A Thayan wouldn’t and why would someone he split but a flagon of mead with care. The deep baritone voice of a dragonborn calling upon his god echoed through the street and a wave of divine energy washed across the vampire, and she froze in, what was it, fear? In the blink of an eye the druid’s shape shifted to that of a giant panther and landed upon the vampire biting and scratching. With another call to his diety the paladin advanced and his blade flared with holy furry and struck once, then again gashing the vampire deeply and burning away its flesh. The giant panther mauled the creature again finally tearing its throat out and reducing it to a wisp of smoke that flitted away on the nighttime breeze.

The druid shifted back to his elven form and spoke a word of magic. Locust’s head cleared and Kane lifted him to his feet. Perrin looked at the two of them and said, “We should probably go.” and Kane agreed. Locust looked to the two of them. "I have nothing left here. Take me with you. I beg of you.” knowing what would become of him should he stay. The two nodded and waved him on. They ran for their ship as alarm bells began to toll through the dockside. As the made the gangplank, Kane kicked it from its perch and told the captain that they were leaving now. His tone left no room for argument, and the captain roused the crew and departed as fast as possible. The next hour consisted of fending off arrows and fires that were being launched upon the ship as it careened out of the harbor into the open sea. Within another hour the city of Bezantur was but a spec on the moon lit shore of Thay.


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