The Scions of Damara

S03E03 - The Steading - Part 2
Jailbreaks and Dragon Killers
S03E03 - The Steading - Part 1
Recon, Dinning Room, Kitchen, and Sleeping Ogres
S03E02 - Fort Thorn - Part 2
The attack on Fort Thorn
S03E02 - Fort Thorn - Part 1
Arrival and Dragons
S03E01 - Valls to Fort Thorn

Carric – High Elf Rogue
Perrin Silverlight – Wood Elf Druid
Kane – Dragonborn Paladin of Vengence
Locust – Tiefling Sorcerer (Dragon Lineage)

S03E00 - New Beginings

Carric – Declined to return to Helgabal (Damaran Capitol) after leaving the Underdark, he was not ready to rejoin the Tightpurses (the cities thieves guild) and wasn’t quite ready to deal with them appropriately. Also felt it was better to acclimate himself to Nightbringer away from a large populace. During the short stay in Valls, he has been attacked no less than 3 times by religious fanatics that later were discovered to be tied back to a sect of Orcus operating in Damara.

Kane – Traveled to the city of Valls at the request of the newly appointed Lord Commander Davosiel Naïlo (Davos), appointed his command by King Regent Rea, ruling in the new King Erical Frosmantle’s stead until his return from the lands of Cormyr. While Kane outranks Davos in the Order of the Silver Chalice (the conglomerate of Paladins in Damara), the humans of the land still exhibit racial prejudice and find following and elf more tasteful than following a Dragonborn.
“To the Hells with them, I’d rather be on the road keeping the realm safe, instead of playing politics in the capitol, under a whelpling King.”
Kane was happy to leave the capitol. He was asked to travel to Valls to look in on a friend of Davos’s that had not dealt well with the scars of war and imprisonment at the hand of Mind Flayers, his friend Carric. During their time in the Underdark, Carric had acquired a sword of great power, from a near Exarch of Orcus; the Vampire Drow Zirithian, that had radiated an aura of corruption and vileness. An eye should be kept on the whereabouts of that blade and who wields it. Davos also entrusted Kane with his blade, The Shard of Stygia, to let Carric know that he was a friend and could be trusted. Traveling to the south, Kane stopped in Ravensburg and “requested” that Locus, a tiefling sorcerer with an eye for artifacts, accompany him and lend a hand in looking into this sword.

Locus – Living on the outskirts of Ravensburg for the past several months had been a new experience for Locus. Still unaccustomed to such open spaces, having come from a dense city in Thay. However he would take the open spaces and bigotry of the locals over the masses of undead that increased by the day in the literally dying nation of Thay. The Arch-Druid of the realm assured him that he would be fine here in Ravensburg, despite being attacked by demon hunters from Impultur to the south on numerous occasions. During one such “discussion” with the Arch-Druid that the paladin that facilitated his exodus from Thay, Kane Paladin of Bahumat, Adjudicator of the Order of the Silver Chalice paid him a visit and offered him an opportunity he couldn’t refuse. A new artifact had literally surfaced and he needed him to examine it discreetly. The answer was of course yes.

Perrin – Sensing an imbalance of sorts in his realm he set off west from the Forest of Dun Tharos. His realm being from the southern Earthspur mountains to the Great Glacier in the North, and from the towering Galena Mountains in the west to the jagged peaks of the Giantspire Mountains in the west and everything in between. He felt something “off” in the west. Traveling that way he stopped on the outskirts of Ravensburg to consult powerful sorcerer that may have been able to divine what the cause may be. However, Locust spent the entire time complaining about the local populaces distrust of him and why on all the nine hells he would think that he would be happier surrounded by “Hicks”. It was during that discussion that a common ally between the two happened by and beckoned them to join him in Valls for a time.

S02E14 - Ascension

With a flash of light you feel your body translocated across the planes returning from Hordethrone back to Phaervorul. You stand in a circle of power amongst the ruins of the villa that stood when you left. The room is bathed in the dim purple light of the sigils engraved in the floor, around you is rubble and darkness; absolute darkness and silence.
Footsteps echo out from in front of you and stunningly beautiful Drow female emerges from the inky blackness. She stops roughly ten feet from the four of you and you can feel the power of the divine crushing in on your being. You feel compelled to kneel and subjugate yourself before this being of power. You steel yourselves against the compulsions and stand your ground. She regards you all with a smile and speaks to you in a voice like the finest honey, sending chills through your entire body.
“I am Eclavadra Eilserve, Matron Mother to the first house of Erelhei-Cinlu, Exarch to Lolth Queen of Spiders and Lady of Chaos. You have done well and you have survived, mostly unscathed. The Queen is most pleased with your performance. As such she has granted you leave from her domain. The remaining matter of sealing the planar cyst to Deadhold is no longer your concern. This outpost is no longer your concern.”
The unnatural darkness that shrouded your view of the cavern around you subsides and you can see the destruction of Phaervorul is near complete with nearly every structure in sight either on fire or a smoldering ruin. Piles of corpses burn in horrific pyres as an army of Drow feed the remains of the zombie horde into the crackling infernos.
“The outpost will be rebuilt, with a more… ‘responsible’ party in place. Your exodus shall be carried out forthwith. You will be escorted to the Miser’s Pit, your passage will paid in full. Should you decide to return to the Underdark, know that you will be treated based upon how you conduct yourselves and not upon your heritage.”
Searing pain lances each of your shoulders as the emblem of a spider is burned into your flesh.
“Other Drow will recognize that you carry the kiss of the Spider Queen. Captain Zankoril will see to your affairs.”
“Yes, Matron Mother.”, responds a voice from a figure kneeling so low his chest is touching the floor.
The beautiful vision of darkness turns to leave. As she walks away she says one other thing;
“Beware the sword assassin. It holds more power and malevolence than you can imagine.”
Her entourage of priestesses fall in behind her and Eclavadra is gone. Collectively you all release the breath you did not know you were holding. Zankoril regains his footing and nods to you all with respect.
Over the course of the following ten-day, you are escorted through the Underdark with a contingent of male Drow lead by Zankoril to a location they refer to as the Miser’s Pit. Approaching the large cavern waves of unnatural fear wash over you all and the group of Drow.
“Who befoulssss MY DOMAIN!”, booms a voice in the darkness.
Zankoril steps forward.
“Drow, from the city of Erelhei-Cinlu. We have come on at the behest of Eclavadra. We request passage and have brought the necessary tribute.”
He motions for two of his group to bring a chest forth and has them place it in an alcove some distance in the cavern. After placing the chest the two Drow skitter from the alcove.
“Very well, the passage is secure. You may pass”, booms the voice with every ‘s’ accentuated.
Zankoril, points you to a chimney like shaft with steps winding around its interior that ascends upwards.
The party of Drow turn to leave back the way they came. Zankoril watches as you begin to ascend, with a nod he turns and follows after his troops. The climb out of the Miser’s Pit is long and difficult, however the party is spurred on as the light of day begins to knife its way down the shaft. Several hours later the four of you crest the edge of the pit, emerging into a copse of evergreen trees somewhere in the mountains. The cool, crisp breeze of the mountain air and the bright sun above inspires elation that nearly brings you all to tears.
After several moments of silence, Solarus looks around and up taking in the surrounding landmarks and lay of the land and states,
“We are in the Galena Mountains, south of Bloodstone Pass. Valls should be east of us and Ostrav north and then east. A ten-day or more back to the more civilized lands of Damara.”



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