The Scions of Damara

S02E01 - Spiral of Manzessine

Carric – High Elf Rogue
Solnarus Silverlight – Wood Elf Cleric of Light (Lathander)
Davos – High Elf Paladin
Kastor – High Elf Mage

S01E11 - Lost in the Underdark

Planned but not played (summarized below)
S01E07 – Search for the Diamond Staff
S01E08 – Web of the Spider Queen
S01E09 – Return to Damara
S01E10 – War of Everlasting Darkness

After the lifting the curse on Duponde and laying Vontarain’s soul to rest again. The group continued south to Battledale and met the Turmish wizard Ivani. He was able to tell them that he could read the runes in the book that they had recovered from Phlan but he would need to access an Uvani vault to do so. Upon returning to his tower to retrieve the key to the Uvani Vault (a crystaline staff) the group fended off a mass of orcs attempting to steal the staff. The war band was tracked back to the Zhentarim and the Cult of Dragons (the former owners of the staff). After a few back and forth encounters the group was able to finally gain access to the Uvani Vault and begin a translation of the tome recovered from Phlan. They discovered that Phlan had at one time been the residence of a Pool of Radiance. A body of mystical energy of power that was under the control of a demon warlord known as Tyranthaxus. This demon was defeated in two manifestations; one at Phlan and an other in the Ruins of Myth Drannor. Further studies and divinations into the subject lead Ivanni with the assistance of Kastor to discern that Drow were responsible for the attack and subsequent disappearance of Phlan. Further investigation would be needed to determine what interest the Drow have in Phlan. Ivanni refers the group to an old Sage in Shadowdale that has close personal experience in dealing with a Pool of Radiance and Phlan as well.
The group bid Ivanni farewell and set off for Shadowdale. With in a a ten-day they locate the old Sage and inform him of what has transpired. While discussing the problem at hand the countryside of Shadowdale is besieged by a Drow raiding party. The group helps repel the attackers and discovers that a local artifact of great power was stolen in the raid. Volunteering to assist in the recovery efforts the group is joined by two Harpers and descend into the upper layers of the Underdark to face off against a small Drow contingent in hollow stalactite to recover the pendent of Ashaba and learn that Drow all over Faerun have been tasked by Lolth to recover powerful artifacts for reasons only known to the Demon Queen.
Informing the Old Sage of what they had discovered he suggests that the group return to their homelands and that war was upon them. The Sage had been aware that the Drow were “collecting” items to feed to their Queen, the Pool of Radiance being one of those artifacts. The Demon Queen was rebuilding the tattered weave of magic and shaping it to her own designs. She was in the midst of trying to become the new goddess of magic. Within days of the Sage’s proclamation all of the realms were covered in an unnatural darkness that blocked out the sun and cloaked the land in perpetual twilight. And then the Drow of the Underdark laid siege to land of the sun gathering what their Queen needed to ascent to become the new goddess of magic and solidify her Demonweave as the only source of arcane power on Faerun.
Returning to Damara was a fight in and of itself. Along the way he group did discover that the land was not completely covered in darkness and that motes of light could be found to light the way. For two years the “War of Everlasting Darkness”, as it was come to be called, raged across the realms with Lolth’s power growing with each passing month. A coordinated attack was planned through the Harpers organization as a last ditch effort to push back the darkness. Multiple forces across the realms would take the fight to the Drow at strategic locations at a set day and time.
Davos, Carric, and Kastor was part of a small strike group assaulting the upper clergy of Szith Morcane, a Drow city located under Vassa in the Deep reaches of the Underdark. As the attack began, the clerics of Lolth seemed to for an instant loose all of their power. Without their ability to call upon their dark goddess they were all but helpless to blades of Carric and the Holy Wrath of Corellon channeled through Davos. Kastor’s fire however was the most destructive it had ever been. He had felt the destruction of the Demonweave and the reassertion of the Weave, Mystara’s Weave of Magic. The goddess of Magic had been re-born and he had felt it and channeled that destructive power into the Fane of Lolth and burnt her temple to ashes.
Escaping the ruins of the temple was easy enough, and the city as well as it seemed to be consuming itself with riots and chaos in every section. As the three made their way in to the deeper reaches of the Underdark they could hear and feel the entire chamber that had contained Szith Morcane collapse in on itself. The city was no more.
While retracing their steps back to the surface the group had come across a nice group of merchants selling a nice bit of goods for a nice price. These were the sort of merchants a battle weary adventurer could trust they were such nice…. Illithids.



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