The Scions of Damara

S03E05 - Beautiful Helgabal - Part 7

A week and half passes between the Trial of Davos and the Feast of the Harvest Moon. You all have been asked to stay as you all be honored guests for your deeds in the west. In that time you all become acclimated to the events that occurred Karric’s (formerly Kastor’s) Manor, as well as the other events that transpired. The down time has done the whole party some good.
(:: Yes, guys im taking over the reigns and making a choice for your PC’s, but it not too unreasonable, and you can certainly be doing things during that week ::)
The day if the Festival/Coronation, the city buzzes with excitement as the Feast of the Harvest Moon is prepared for as well as the coronation of a new king. Helgabal, inside the walls is somewhat sheltered from the blowing wind and snow that has fallen in staggering amounts for this time of year. The weather seems to be the only thing dampening the general disposition of the populace. Rumors of a Wolf Winter grow by the day; a winter that starts early and lasts well beyond when it should. An ill omen by all accounts.
As the festivities begin, with minor song and dance inside Frostmatle Keep and out in the streets, the party given a position of honor, they are invited to sit with some of the nobility. Chief among them is Sir Halumoor, who greats each of you with hearty hello. Seated with him is the legendary bard, Riordan Parnell. Missing is his bodyguard Reaver, to which is somewhat of a relief to Silanna. Having, declined his advances on numerous occasions. Seated at the farthest end of the chamber is a dour looking King Reagent Ree, flanked by his personal guard. Presentations last through the later part of the day, with honorings to all of the deities represented in the kingdom and prayers for the harvest to be bountiful. Following that is a ceremony that offers thanks to heroes throughout the land. The Order of the Silver Chalice is honored for their service and to the crown and the land. The group is honored for their deeds in the west. Several other individuals are also honored for their services as scouts, defenders, and other services provided to Damara. Lastly those that have fallen in the service to the Kingdom are given a solemn memoriam delivered by the Arch-Bishop if the church of Illmater. Arch-Bishop Wilan Chamas of Illmater finishes prayers to the fallen and asks everyone to rise.
The whole of the interior chamber erupts in motion as a wave of body simultaneous stands. All but one is on their feet. King Reagent Ree remains seated and scowling. Arch-Bishop Wilan Chamas proclaims, “It is with great honor that I am allowed call forth out new King.”, his voice enhanced with thaumaturgy to carry through the chamber and out into the outer castle walls. “King Erical Frostmantle!”, Horns sound in the distance and the clatter of steel and boots on cobblestone echo through the streets as a procession from somewhere inside the city begins to make its way towards the Keep.
Within minutes a column of soldiers in shining armor and helms adorned with plumes of blue march in sync towards the open outer section of the keep. A the head of the column is a beautiful mare adorned in gleaming barding plumed in blue; Atop which sits a man in clean, but well used black armor adorned with dragon motifs. With one hand, he guides his mare, the other holds a massive halberd perfectly perpendicular to the ground as he rides. The column stops just outside of the keep, with the sound of clanging steel, as the rider progresses directly in, and on in to the chamber with all of the seated nobility. He rides directly to the center of the chamber and dismounts. With heavy boot falls, the man covers the remaining distance to the still seated King Reagent Ree.
“You will rise before your King.”, The statement echoing through the chamber. Rea looks up at the man with disgust. “I will…”, and the man before him cuts him off, “You will rise before your King, or you will fall at his feet.” The man says again in the same even tone. Visibly angry King Reagent Ree, rises to his feet and the armored man spins on his heel to face all of those in attendance leaving Ree to his back. He looks to the Arch-Bishop and stated, “You may begin.” and bends to one knee removing his helmet. The man you know as Reaver now kneels before the Arch-Bishop as he begins his blessings of coronation. Following the Bishop, the Magistrate lists the proclamations of the crown and he receives the oaths of kingship. The ceremony proceeds for another fifteen or so minutes and finally Reaver, is proclaimed King Erical Frostmantle, to a resounding huzzah and cheers from the keep and out into the street.
He steps forward, and asks the bishop to assist him so that all can hear.
“By Blood, or By Deed!”
“The kings of old lived by that moniker. In their time they overcame obstacles that were beyond measure and Damara prospered. Damara prospered for nearly a century and a half, through all adversities. However, such has not been the case for the past thirty years. Paranoia, distrust, and corruption has lead to the decline of our once great nation. That ends today.”
“The consolidation of all of power to one man has lead to poverty, greed, and contempt. We are weaker today for these policies and as a result I vow to change them. In the coming months the baronies of old will be resurrected. Their exact leadership will determined by deed or by blood. The future barons and baronesses sit amongst you. Damara is not one man. It is a nation. It is you, me, and the poeple you see around you.”
“Currently, we are sick. Sick with corruption that runs right up to the throne and crown that I accept today. Again, that ends today. The existing spy networks that have been put in place to feed the paranoia and consolidation of power are hereby dismisses save for the Spy Song Network that has existed since the days of the great King Gareth Dragonsbane. The city guard will hereby disbanded, and temporarily replaced with the retinue of soldiers standing outside this very keep now. Those belonging to the city watch will be reviewed and we will sort the wheat from the chaff. There will be order and justice without the need for those asking for it to pay for it.”
“Many of you who live here in the safety of Helgabal may not know this, but we are at war. Have no doubt, war is upon us. Giants and their kin pose a serious threat to the overall safety of Damara and it must be dealt with decisively. Be it through strength of arms of negotiation. This nation can no longer afford to drag its feet as it has since this threat has arisen.”
“Many of you may say, who am I am to proclaim these things? I was fifteen when my mother spirited me away from my father. I was taken to Cormyr and groomed by some of the wisest nobility in all of the Realms. I was not given a pampered life. I was squire to wise nobles. Served as a Purple Dragon of Cormyr. Lead hundreds of men in the War of Everlasting Darkness and was present at the Fall of Lolths Avatar, heralding the end of that conflict. Even through the journey from the South to our great kingdom I battled alongside the great warriors of this land s at the Ford of Goliad, protecting it from a Frost Giants incursion bend on destroying that valuable link to the west. Through any threat to this nation I will not sit idle while the blood of my people stains the snow. I have this crown by blood, but I will retain it and earn it by deed.”
He lifts his halberd skyward and proclaims, “HAIL!”, and it seems as it the whole of the city responds in turn, “HAIL!”

S03E05 - Beautiful Helgabal - Part 6
The Trial of Davos

RacePortGoliath.pngThe heavy fall of snow and overcast sky seems to be portent of the events of the day. The whole of the Order of the Silver Chalice has returned to Helgabal for the trail of their Lord Commander Davosiel Naïlo. Although he has held the position for only a short time he has gained a fervent following among what is left of the Order. Between the War of Everlasting Darkness and now the constant attacks from the giants and their kin, there are but twenty-three of them left.
The chamber of the throne room was filled. Both sides of the chamber tight with bodies to see what could possibly be levied against one of the divine knights of the crown. A majority of the nobility had shown up for much the same reason. Also filling the space was the elite guard of King Reagent Ree (whom was not present yet) and a sizable number of men-at-arms. After an hour or so of waiting the Magistrate entered the chamber and proceeded to the three step dais before the throne and the temporary seat of power on the main floor of the chamber to the left of the throne. He snapped a tight salute to the throne and turned to address the crowd before him,
“Ladies and Gentlemen, Your King Reagent.”, all members of the crowd stood and faced the King Reagent as he entered the chamber. The knights and the men-at-arms at once snapped to attention with a cacophony of steel. King Reagent Ree made his way to the Reagents throne and sat himself down. “You may proceed.” he growled in an impatient tone to the Magistrate. Everyone was seated once again.
“Today marks a dark day for the Order of the Silver Chalice. Their Lord and Commander, Davosiel Naïlo stands accused of treason and heresy. To be accused of such crimes is to tarnish the armor of all of these great men you see before you. Heroes all of them, virtuous in all respects, and honor bound to uphold the laws of Damara and their respective deities. These are the men to which every child aspires to be. These holy ordained men are the very heart of Damara. Let us hear from he who would levy such charges upon a high elf of such repute as Lord Commander Davosiel. Ambassador Oronothor of Thay, please come forward.”
A bald pallid heavy set man, in heavy woolen red robes, makes his way into the chamber, flanked on either side by his attendants. He proceeds down the aisle way at a leisurely pace thudding his heavy walking stick on the marble tiled floor with every step. Its sound echoes around the chamber like distant thunder.
“I am Oronotor of Thay. Ambassador to Helgabal from Thay as well as former Ambassador to the Drow outpost of Pharvorul.” a murmur of whispers runs through the crowd. “The war with the Drow is over, and to no small degree did I facilitate a non-aggression treaty with them and their merchant houses prior to my return to the surface. I did not choose to be and ambassador to those dark skinned devils, but it was my duty. A duty I did for Thay, as well as for Damara. This outpost lies beneath Damaran soil. It would have been a likely staging point for invasion should the war have continued. By my negotiations did that outpost not become militarized, and it actually would have become a trading partner in time.” another round whispers and boo’s erupts “Be that as it may, I did my duty. While at that blasted outpost some event occurred, the Drow had opened the Abyss in their very own cavern and began to be overrun by demons and undead. I locked myself away with the intention of waiting things out. Well image my surprise and elation to have four very skilled surface elves arrive at my embassy and rescue me from certain death at the hands of some demon. Well these elves were no saviors. The one I thought I could trust, a symbol of “divinity” was no more a paladin than my attendant here. The four of them began with their extortion of whatever moneys I may have. I told them I would give them anything they needed only escort me to the rune circle I had prepared for such an escape. Oh they agreed, and then for what I can only assume was their own sick pleasure they allowed a Drow child to cut out my throat!” He lifts his head to display a garish scar the length of his jawbone. “A Drow child! What are these elves of the light doing with an adolescent Drow girl, while on the surface and elsewhere in the Underdark their brethren die by Drow blades? I would call that treasonous to say the least. Meanwhile, I lie in the sand bleeding gasping my life’s last breath when their healed remembers he serves a god of good and mends my wounds. Of course, I was outraged. I little drow girl had cut my throat and these four did nary a thing. I called for justice. I pleaded with the ‘paladin’ to kill her right there. He witnessed the crime and did nothing! A supposed paladin of Corellion, the very antithesis of drow virtue, did NOTHING! Heresy!. Then they let her GO!” Again the crowd erupts into whispers and Oronotor begins shaking his head “I told the lot of them to bugger off and returned to my hiding spot. The paladin must have had a change of heart. Oh did his tone change, he chased me into my embassy, and I did fear for my life at that time, but with honeyed words he said that he’d take me to my portal, to safety, but only if I told them how to get out of the Underdark. I really had no choice, so I made the best out of the situation that I could. I let them lead me along to the niche I had prepared, I told them I’d give them my gems only after I was underway for fear they would gut me before then. I told them I would look them up if they returned to the surface, and I am a man of my word.”
The Magistrate stands and says “If you have nothing more to say please, have a seat.”
By now the crowd is a low rumble of whispers.
“If it pleases the crown, I would now like to call for Lord Commander Davosiel Naïlo.”, the King Reagent nods to the Magistrate. With a motion the doors to rear of the chamber open and a lone high elf garbed in the fineries of his station confidently marches into the chamber. He marches to before King Reagent Ree, bows to Ree, then salutes the throne further up the dais.
“What say you to these accusation Lord Commander Davosiel?” asks the Magistrate.
“Unfounded lies and slander. A dog from Thay, a nation ruled and presided over by the undead, will not defile my name, nor the honor of my men by proxy. The human filth before you is a rapist and child molester. Drow or not, some things are unforgivable. I am a Paladin of Devotion, the Holy light in dark places. I carry and uphold the law of Damara and my Deity. In the case of Oronotor and this drow child, I ruled that the books were even. She was given her recompense for heinous acts done to her and he was granted mercy from death. My god has not lessened his grace upon me since then and in fact has blessed me more by the day. If it were heresy would this occur? If it is treason to not slay a child, then I plead with you talk to any man or woman of the military, children are non-combatants. I treated her as such. Now for the dishonor brought upon me by these baseless accusations, I give up my right to be judged by the crown and by my peers and request, no, demand trial by combat!”
The crowd gasps and erupts in a roar and Oronotor nearly falls out of his seat.
“May Corellion burn me to ash if this not be a righteous course.”
King Reagen Ree, smirks and cocks and eyebrow. “Granted…”

Oronotor stands to his feet and loudly protests, “What in the name of the Abyss! By the Black Hand , I am the one here that has been wronged! You would risk the ire of Thay by forcing their Ambassador to combat! IS this to be your legacy King Reagent Rea! Your abdication is but a week away and you…”

“SILENCE!” growls Rea, his face red, jowls shaking in rage. “You will not presume to speak to the reigning King in this manner!”

His voice softens to a low growl, “I could grant you time to prepare. I could even allow you a proxy to fight in your stead. I will deny you these things and this trial will end right here. RIGHT NOW! When your wretched soul flees back to Thay, you tell Szazz Tam he can muster his forces and cross the Rashemian Plains if he sore about it. MY legacy will be to remove the fester and rot that is Oronotor of Thay from MY kingdom. High Commander Davos, take up your blade and prove your innocence.”

Davos turns towards Kane, holding out the Stygian Shard, grasps the white leather wrapped hilt and pulls the blade free of its scabbard. A plume of condensed air rises from the frost and ice that coats the blades edge. “Thank you Kane, I’ll not need armor for this one. Oronotor of Thay, I proclaim my innocence to you, to all in witness before me, and to my deity. May your blood purge the taint of your lies.”

Oronotor composes himself, spits on the ground, and mutters, “Self-Righteous Fool” He closes his eyes and drops into the intonations of a spell. His fingers begin to gesticulate as energy gathers between them. Davos moves with practiced ease and grace. His elven feet carry him the twenty or so feet in the blink of an eye and his first strike connects heavily across the man’s ample midsection hewing robe and flesh, as he passes behind the Thayan. He spins a quick circle and connects again across the back of the man’s knees, where calf meets thigh, and the heavy man drops to his knees, the remnants of the spell lost upon his lips. Davos closes from behind and pulls a dirk from his belt. The steel glints in the torch light of the chamber as divine energy flows from Davos into the blade. A hint of satisfaction and… malice, etches Davos’s features as he pulls the dirk from one side of Oronotor’s jawbone to the next, perfectly following the path of his existing scar. Oronotor gurgles for a second as a trickle of blood escapes the side of his mouth. A burst of crimson sprays from the wound across his attendants and those seated closest to the melee. The large man falls forward upon the marble flooring, his face impacting with a sickening slap.

Davos, bends slightly, wipes the already frozen blood from the Shard, and crosses the silent chamber. He hands the blade back to Kane. “Keep this blade. I no longer wish to have anything to do with it. It reminds me of the Underdark and the horrors that befell us there and,” looking back at the body of Oronotor, “of things that followed us out of there.”

“Very well done Lord Commander, you are exonerated, come we have much to discuss.” King Reagent Ree sneers. “Now clear this chamber.” He looks to the Thayan ambassador’s attendants, “You two leave my kingdom and take him with you. If there is even a drop of him left in my audience chamber you will not make the gate. Do you understand?” The two trembling attendants begin wrapping up the body and cleaning what is left of him from the floor.

Within minutes, the chamber empties in awed silence. The King Reagent and Davos have left to a chamber for private discussions and the rest of the Order stand in the chamber, some shaking their heads, and others relishing in the spectacle of what just happened.

S03E05 - Beautiful Helgabal - Part 5
The Rescue of Karric


S03E05 - Beautiful Helgabal - Part 4
Locust's lost love

Locust -
Locust will spend the time studying trinkets and babbles and using his charisma to get a group of three or four people to follow him and be up coming officials in “The magistrate of the horned head” also see if he can talk some people into giving him a few free meals. If there is any trouble along the way him and his officials will help. Also try to go to any magical shops or the Smith with the dragon scale shit.

Dm -
Your intial forays into getting free meals are re-buffed as, “you a nice feller but…”, despite your charms and what not you are rebuffed by the prejudice that Kane had told you about in this city. Your efforts do gain you some trust and some good conversation, but not much beyond that yet.

While visiting the Tome and Talisman Arcana Boutique:
As you begin to look over the wares of the Tome and Talisman Arcana Boutique, you see a female tiefling tending the back counter. from the quick glance that you got of her she looks vaguely familiar. she hasn’t noticed you yet

Locust –
Try to blend and scope her out see if I recognize her from a good place or a bad place lol

Dm -
She looks a lot like your significant other that you lost in Thay,

Locust –
Assuming it’s her sister I will approach and try to use my charm to not get slapped.
As you get closer, she notices you and her mouth drops open a bit. Getting a better look you can see that she is not Zheila’s sister, but Zheila herself. She mutters, “By the Black Hand… Is that you Locust?”

DM -
“come on, do you know another man this handsome?”
She rounds the counter and … well mushy stuff happens (that I wont RP), If you let it.

Locust –
Haha I can figure

Dm -
so does she lock up the store for the day or not? lol

Locust -
Well I guess she would lol. Being as we have been apart
lol, through the evening and to high noon the next day the year and half of separation is made up for. She tells you about what had happened and how she came to be in Damara, running an Arcanist shop. Detailed here – Zhelia

S03E05 - Beautiful Helgabal - Part 3
Karric's Night Out

DM (to Karric) – You notice in that while you are getting re-acclimated to the city that the “Bounty Boards” have Kastor listed as an enemy of the Crown. Another thing that happens is that while wandering you run into an old guildmate, Lanny Four Fingers, he lets you know that Mouse (Guild Leader of the Tightpurses) knows you are in town and wants to see you.

Karric – I want to ask Lanny if he knows anything about Kastor or Davos, and also let him know I can meet Mouse at the Tavern tomorrow..Does he know why he wants to see me? (Also if I can trust Lanny) I want to ask basically what things seem different since I’ve been gone, if he knows anything about the corrupt Guard, why the keep is shut for two days every ten day, and if he knows much about the king Reagent Rae..

DM – Lanny tells you that he don’t know much about no paladin and don’t much care. He does know that your cousin (Kastor) is accused of killi’n some mage or somthin. Lanny is about as trustworthy as any rouge you’ll meet, but he’s got no reason to lie about anything hes told you. “The Guards? bah city watch’s been as dirty as the streets for a good long time, s’only a few that are worth their salt, an we ten ta stay away from dem ones? Ya, people say that King Reagent Rea’s alot like Yarrin Frostmantle was. He don’t give two squirts ‘bout us down ’ere out o’ the tower. Piss on em I say. People say that he shuts the Keep up tigh for 2 every ten to get his jolly’s and what not if ya be catchin ma meanin’. Filthy bugger buys up a brothel at a time ta fill his appetites. Greed o’ dem Nobles.”

The following night, Its Lanny Four Fingers that meets you at the tavern. He tells you that Mouse ain’t comin’ ta you. You come ta him. “Being guildleader an all that makes sense” he remarks with a simpleton’s grin. “Com’on I’ll take ya. Bring yer gear if ya want, but leave the civilians behind, they got no place in the hall.” You go with Lanny?

Karric – I will reluctantly agree to go with Lanny, not knowing what to expect.. As far as gear goes I’ll drop mostly everything at my place except a few gold, the short swords (nightbringer tucked out of sight), and the cask of excellent wine.

DM –
Karric, you are lead from the Shield o’ Field Tavern and Inn down a road and a path and an alleyway that seems familiar. Lanny passes through a secret door and beckons you forth. Down a spiraling stair case, you find yourself in the sewers of the city. He leads you through a few more passages and in to an open chamber. The chamber is bathed in dim light emanating from two braziers that are burning low on either side of the 30 by 40 room. The walls are covered with fine tapestries depicting the history of Damara. A fine rug of some large creature covers the floor in feels lush under foot. At the end of the chamber sits a throne like chair with several small torches that extend from the top like a crown, each is burning low and the room is draped with shadows everywhere. Upon the throne like chair is a small halfling lounging comfortably, this is Mouse, the guild leader of Damara’s thieves guild. Before resting on the floor is his pet hell hound, Sheeva if you call, is her name, and on either side of Mouse are his half-ogre body guards. Everything seems in place save for some creature that sits in deeper shadows at the very back of the room. It looks like it is covered in plate armor and sits very still as the shadows seem to writhe about it of their own accord.
“Welcome home Carric, It is good to see you again. You have been away for a long time. Let me be blunt. You have always been a pain in our asses. Who ever heard of an assassin with a moral code, but alas you are good at what you do and you have always delivered providing we danced around your ethics. Something vexes me though good man, you return from playing hero in the underdark and can’t even pay a visit to your family. You are family aren’t you? You see, I think of you as brother and that makes me concerned about you. So, I’ve been keeping an eye on you. You seem different to me. You no longer wield the blade like an assassin, but use magic and illusion like some damned arcane trickster. Well my friend, war is coming and I need to know where you stand. You see we’ve brokered a deal. The Tightpurses will survive. You with us, or are you going to continue to play hero? You are my brother aren’t you?”

Karric -
I told him to suck a bag of dicks soooo….

DM -
“That is disappointing Carric, Lord Banac, you are welcome to take what is yours. Good bye Carric.”
The sound of plates grinding together echoes from the writhing shadows, and a voice like grinding stone fills the room. If lava could speak, this is what you imagine it would sound like. “Relinquish Nightbringer and I will allow you to live. Defy me and die.” and he advances on you with great speed. Nightbringer whispers in its raspy voice “Karric, if you hand me over I will see to it that I will devour your soul and deliver you unto oblivion. However we must run, this creature is beyond us.” As the creature closes in, you get a closer look at it and if Kane were buried for a year and burst from the ground this is what he may look like. Armor black as night, encases the rotting visage of a dragonborn that has fires burning in the pits of its empty eye sockets. It pulls a blade from it sheath as it advances that looks like blackened steel pitted flaked, it doesn’t so much as glow, but drinks in the light around it.
He kicks you with one great boot and blasts you through the doors behind you. They splinter with your impact and you roll through the assault and grit away the pain standing. You turn to run, and shadows coalesce behind you and you see the point of that wicked sword poke out of your chest once then twice and feel almost all of your life force drained away. The cold and agony threaten to overtake you, and you stumble ahead numbly as the heavy boot falls stalk in from behind. A shower of stones explodes ahead of you and you can see the night sky through the hole in the street above. The cloaking robes of a mage stand at the lip of the hole, and it says to you, “Get to your feet cousin, you haven’t much time!” Leaping to your feet you will your limbs to obey and scramble up the fissure in the street as the robed figure chants words of magic again. The undead dragonborn picks himself off of the ground, and throws a dagger at the chanting mage striking him heavily in the shoulder. Not even breaking cadence in his spell casting he finishes the spell and a wall of iron materializes in corridor below trapping the creature behind it.
“Come with me. I haven’t much time.” says a wheezing voice from beneath his hood, and he starts shuffling down the street and into an alleyway Kastor produces a scroll from the folds of his robe and reads it aloud. A shimmering gateway appears and he steps through. Come with me we will be safe in my laboratory. I have potions to heal you there as well.
With a flash of light, you find yourself standing in a glowing rune etched circle in what looks like a well constructed dungeon (not jail, but like a basement). Kastor leads you through a door to a laboratory, where you see lumbering around what looks like hulk of stitched together drow body parts that grunts at you as you pass through, “Do not mind Rexx, he is mostly harmless.” Through another door you enter into a room that has a table set in the middle and a several cells. You can see inside of one a drow female that is repeatably bumping into the cell wall over and over again. In another, a drow male is sleeping on the floor, at least he looks like he might be sleeping. Standing by the table is another magical construct of heavy armor. It greets Kastor with a hollow sounding “Hello Master.” to which Kastor responds, “Hello William.”. He turns to you, and says please now Karric, remove your shirt and hop up on the table and William will attend to your wounds." and he turns to begin mixing a few vials together that form the familiar red liquid of a healing potion.
Then he put up a forcecage around us and was healing my necrotic wounds as you guys busted in..

S03E05 - Beautiful Helgabal - Part 2
the death of Solnarus Silverlight

While visiting with Solnarus, the initial meeting was as you thought it would. Over the course of lunch you can tell that he is, well, off. He talks about everything going to crap around the city and that he can’t remember anything before the Fall of Szith Morcane in the Underdark. Except for vague memories. Everything is a blur. Since getting home, even Lathander seems quieter in his prayers.

Perrin -
Some things do seem strange. Yes! Strange things are afoot at the circle K.. LOL ok I don’t say that last part. lol Why are the Giants and Humanoids attacking. What is there plan? And why is the Keep closed by the King the first 2 days of a tenday. Is it coincide with some moon cycle or something else. Something must be puzzling the gods for there to be less contact.

DM -
Solnarus ins’t sure what has the Giants organized and running rampant across the country side. He does know that King Reagent Rea is dragging his feet with responding in a timely manner. since he took over he has shut things down to indulge himself of his position. He is really no better than the previous King, Whom the only thing he ever did was that was honorable was engage the drow during the War of Everlasting Darkness. Solarus tells you that he plans to commune with Lathander later that day and that he would feel more comfortable if Perrin would be with him for support.

Perrin -
Yes I will stay there and help out however I can. Have I noticed the same thing with my god?
Perrin has experience no disconnect from his god.

DM -
Later on you are standing in the makeshift temple of Lathander that Solnarus has established. He sets the inscents burning and stokes a fire in the brazier he has consecrated to Lathander. He begins the ceremony and the chants of communion. The rectory begins to heat up to an almost uncomfortable level. Solnarus’s back is to Perrin and his chanting comes to a crescendo. Arms out and head back you can hear him say “What? I don’t understand. I am your faithful servant!” Perrin audibly hears and feels the divine manifest in the small temple it says an the air thrums with power. “No, YOU ARE BUT AN ECHO!” Fire leaps from Solarus’s eyes and mouth and his body slumps forward face down next to the brazier and the hall falls silent.

Perrin -
Sol, Are you there? Are you ok? Slowly walk up to see.

Dm -
Approaching, the air is heavy with the smell of burn meat, you can see Solarus’s hair has lengthened a bit and turned stark white. He is not moving.

Perrin -
Rush up and check he is alive and try to tend to him. Try to wake him.
his hair has lengthened, sry

Cure spell if needed

HAs he aged somehow?

DM -
rolling him over, you can see that his eyes are burnt completely out of their sockets. However that is not the most disturbing thing. He is a she, and she was drow. The body has changed from head to toe.

Perrin -

Dm -
wondered how you might respond to that

Perrin -
Like a dow female changed spots with him? Or he changed into somehow? Why would Lethander do that or let that happen to a faithfull servant?

I ask that out loud

DM –
it appears that the body changed.

Perrin -
You said eyes burnt out. Is that body blind?

Is SHE responding? Asking questions to see if Sol’s mind is there and if it is really him or a whole different person.

DM -
the presence of Lathander is gone also, so not response from the chapel
Burnt out, yes blind. Also deceased.

Perrin -
Well then I don’t believe it is him that changed I wonder if somehow he was taken. I have no proof it is him then unless there is some body scar or tatoo

Can that person be revived and regenerate casted to regen the eyes?

It is an evil drow so I am weary about the evil but I need answers

I cant figure out what is ment by your an echo

Dm -
You can try a raise dead, if you would like.

Perrin -
Its a clue but I don’t know what that means

I wouldn’t have that prepared or the regen. I would also like to get Silanna to help if possible otherwise I will have to wait a day to get the spells

If I can find someone nearby to give some coin to run to get Silanna

DM -
ok no prob

Perrin -
Well don’t know how to let him know what happened but I will and ask for his help if he has revive Only way to get answers if we can ask that person. even though it is a drow and I don’t have a reason to trust it

DM -
Would you have raise dead as your daily list of spells?

Silanna -
Lemme check
Yes, it’s a daily

DM -
Perrin has a small problem…

Silanna -
I’d be more than willing to assist

DM -
An errand boy was sent to fetch you.

Silanna -
Haha, ok, i’ll rush over. Am I still with the dwarf in the inn? If so I ask him to come as backup

DM –
You end up at makeshift temple to lathander (perrin’s brothers diety) and inside is Perrin leaning over a dead drow that has her eye sockets burnt out.

Silanna -
holy FUCK, ok.
I get to work.
I ask what happened, but I won’t press for answers too much.

DM -
Basically he tells you that S he visited his brother and his brother had problems communing with his God so he did a ceremony to commune with the deity and the result of that was that his head foot back his eyes burned out and he turned into a female drow

he says that before his eyes were burnt out that his brother said that he didn’t understand what was going on and then he heard the voice of is God audibly and it said you are but an echo and then after that that’s when his eyes got burnt out and he changed into that female form

Now he’d like to attempt a raise dead to try and get some answers

Silanna -
Does any of that make any sense to me?
or does it sound just that crazy?

I’ll raise dead

DM –
Not really. You know that Solnarus, his bro was a high level cleric of lathander, A diety of good, but beyond that. It sounds about a crazy as it does. Perrin is fully truthful and doesnt seem to be decieving or influenced in any way.

Silanna -
I’ll get to work.

DM –
You begin the raise dead cermony, and like at the Ford of Goliad the response is sluggish at first then out right fails. Either something is preventing the soul from returning or it doesn’t wish to return.

Silanna -
Can I do a detect magic to see if there is anything of power on our near the body that could cause this?

DM -
The only thing you detect is the residual energy from the ceremony described to you.

Silanna -
ok. I ask Perrin if his brother was well just before this, and in good spirits.
What was he asking of his diety, or going to ask his diety just before this?

DM -
His brother coukd only vaguely remember details before going into the underdark months ago and was concerned because his god wasnt as strong with him anymore and his power seemed to be waning. His intent was to commune with lathander and find out why his abilities where waning while he felt strong in his faith.

Silanna -
Is his holy symbol there?

Dm -

Silanna -
I want to try to commune with Helm for guidance. I also ask why his brother was in the under dark. I don’t think it’s coincidence that his brother is a dead drow, his power was waning since his trip to the under dark

Dm -
He was in the underdark as part of a strike force during a recent war with the drow. Helm tells you that the soul of Solnarus Silverlight has resided in realm of lathander for several months enjoying the rewards of a life of piety in the service of his patron.

Silanna -
I think we should take his brother to a temple of his brother’s diety if I don’t get anywhere.

whoa, yet he JUST died? With Perrin watching?

I relay to Perrin what Helm has told me

DM -
There is no other temple in the area. Lathander is returned diety, much the same as Helm.

Silanna -
There’s no wonder why he doesn’t want to return. When did the strike force return from the under dark?

Evil is afoot

Dm -
I think three months prior. It was comprised of Solnarus, Davos, Carric, and Kastor.

They were responsible for the destruction of a drow city among other exploits that you can info about. All are regarded as heros of the land. Well, except for Kastor now. He’s wanted for murder.

Perrin -
ok I will have to ponder all that lol. So that’s what was ment by it was an echo. My brother has been with his deity for several months

lol. More mysteries. I am saddened he is gone but glad he is with his god and happy. Now why is this drow in his echo’s place and why cant she be revived. hmmm

Silanna –
I can try to cast ‘speak with dead’ on the corpse if you’d like to know more about what happened to your brother? I’d have to cast it the next day after the raise dead failed

Perrin –
That person obviously doesn’t want to come back that’s why the revive didn’t work but hopefully we can get some idea of who she is and what was the last thing they remember. Try to figure out why that happened. I am saddened that my brother is gone.

Silanna –
I’m sorry, Perrin, this wasn’t your brother it seems…..but an imposter. Your brother seems to likely have died in the underdark, or shortly after returning triumphantly around 3 months ago.

We should base our 5 questions on these revelations.

Perrin –
We dont have his body to do a raise dead anyway we have this person. So the raise dead would be for this person i thought. Yes it is good to know he is happy and being rewarded. I dont know the time frame of how long it has been since we left the underdark and I never died down there so dont know how i would have been switched. That would tell us if i died down in the underdark. Still speak with dead on this person might reveal some answers.

DM –
Questions answered -

  • Who are you: I was Baltana Eilservs of House Eilservs, First House of Erelhei-Cinlu High Priestess of Lolth.
  • What was she doing last: Communing with a god that was not her’s.
  • How she died: Lathander took the fragment from me and purified it.
  • What is meant by a fragment: Lathander purified the fragment that was left of Solnarus
  • Was Lethandar helping her or did she seek out Lethandar: Lathander did not aid me, he punished me.

Perrin -
I wanted to talk to my brothers followers of Lethandar and use my charisma and encourage them and inspire them to keep following Lethandar and keep the faith and trust he will guide them and not to forget the teachings and the name of Solnarus. I will tell them I think that’s what I think my brother would want. I will try to organized then in who is next in line to lead their church even though I am not a follower of Lethandar.

S03E05 - Beautiful Helgabal - Part 1

Riding into the city of Helgabal spurred a range of emotions in the group, for Kane it is just returning home again, having only been away for a few weeks, for Karric, apprehension. He had been gone for a long time and hasn’t been back to the city since his assignment with the Bloodstone army to enter the Underdark. Perrin however, was glad to be there, he might be able to meet up with his brother Solnarus whom he hadn’t seen for a long time. Locust was excited to actually be in a “real” city again and reveled in the initial sights and sounds, while Olfgar grumbled about being in a cramped city surrounded by stinking humans. “Bah, where’s the Pub?” Silanna was most affected by the return to her capitol city. The last time she had been there had been over one hundred years ago, while the Dragonsbanes where still in ruler ship. The city was a mere shadow of what it was in those days. This truly was not Heliogabalus anymore. It was Helgabal.
Sir Halumoor, thanks you for expeditions transportation from the Bloodstone Gate to the capital. He asks if there is anything that he can do for you in the city. It will be a few days before he and his attendants to can re-open manor Halumoor. As a result he will not be able to do anything, other than answer questions until then.
Kane, Karric have houses here in Helgabal. Perrin can find shelter in the groves that he helped establish here in the city. Locust, Olfgar, and Silanna however have no other recourse for shelter other than in Inn. Well, Reaver offers to provide Silanna a place to stay, he does offer in the most polite gentlemanly way possible.
What would you all like to do?

Silanna –
Silanna graciously declines the invite from Reaver. After securing a decent, safe inn, Silanna will let the rest of the party know where she’s staying, and invite the mage and dwarf to stay at the same place. After that, she’ll search the city for any hint of Helm’s presence or followers (though highly unlikely for the latter). If there would be any sign of Helm’s return, it would be in a city like this, she’d think.

She’ll try to commune with Helm for guidance for any next steps he may wish for her to take at this point in her life. If no definitive path is given at this time, she’ll assist the local populace in any way possible, spreading the word of Helm, and performing healing and restorative work in his name to spread the word – hopefully gaining trust and fellowship from those she encounters along the way.

DM (to Silanna) -
While doing as you detailed, your initial communes reveal nothing directionally speaking, but you your observations of the Guard of the city show them to be lacking and quite corrupt. Some of the more honest guards seem to be those you may be able to tutor and guide in the ways of Helm.

Perrin -
For now off the top of my head, sell the pieces of items and convert to gold or plat pieces then divide them. What do you mean by waiting to re open Halumoor house? Are we just waiting for them to get the supplies and troops ready for us to escort back to the other place we came from?

DM – Halamoor Manor had to be re-opened. It has been closed up for the years that the Lord had been away. The missive for troops and the information regarding the location of the other giant strongholds was to be delivered to the castellan of Frostmantle Keep. The Royalty are not seeing anyone for now at Frostmantle Keep. At least not for the next two days. You are informed that this has been the norm since King Reagent Rea had taken over administration of the kingdom after the King’s passing. The keep is shut up the first two days of every ten day. As such you all will have the next two days to wander and do what you will.

DM (to Kane) –
In speaking with some of your Order, you discover that Davos is on trial for breaking his Oath, and that the presiding will be in several days.

Kane -
Kane will inquire about the bullshit charges that were brought against Davos. And try to weed out the corrupt from the loyal “brothers” at the order.

DM (to Kane) -
The knights that you speak to all seem to retain their shine, if you will. As far as they know he has been accused of not upholding his vows by a Thayan Merchant. He has since been in prayers to Corellion (his diety) in isolation. The rest of the Order is searching for Kastor for two reasons. One to testify in the upcoming trial and two he is wanted for the murder of another mage. Solarus Silverlight has been called to testify as well on Davos’s behalf.

DM (to Ulfgar) –
You have no general ties to this city nor really to this group once Reaver pays you what Sir Halumoor and yourself agreed upon. Reaver, commends you on your ability and that should he need something smashed, he will definitely look you up. You, do happen upon Karric as he is having a conversation with some human guy missing a pinky. They were speaking that gibber jabber that rouges commonly do to one another.

Ulfgar –
I would like to thank Reaver for the job, and to let him know I’m always looking for more work. Also I’ll head to the inn Silanna found, and enjoy some ale.

Silanna – I’ll join Olfgar and partake in a couple pints of ale and some comfort food. And swap stories to get to know him better.

The next day I’ll go talk more with the guards, and their commanders to see if I can easily deduce how deep the corruption goes in the ranks, and stow that info away in my memory banks for the time being.

I’ll try and set as many people as I can on the straight and narrow and see if I can get anyone to take a bite at Helm’s apple. If there are a couple interested, I’ll ask them to do some cursory acolyte work, like investigations into possible artifacts or long lost books or scrolls on the teachings of Helm. I’ll try to pick interesting topics as to keep them engaged and learning about Helm. I’ll let them know that I’ll be checking back with them on their leads.

Dm (to Silanna and Ulfgar) -
While you two are eating at the tavern an errand boy runs up to you and tells you that Master Perrin needs you (Silanna) to come quickly.

S03E04 - The Bloodstone Gates

The light of the fire illuminated the night and the sunken, dirty faces of the dwarves and humans. The Steading of the Hill Giants was an inferno. The flames danced and sway of their own accord as the fire elemental “consumed” with a vengeance. Moments passed and the gruff voice of Kane stated flatly “Come on, It’s time to go.”
Gathering the fur of a monstrous bear, to ward off the biting cold of the Galena Mountains deep in the month of Marpenoth, the grouping of former slaves and captives turned to follow the Dragonborn Paladin and his companions that had saved them from the dungeons of that wretched place.
Four grueling days later, the walls of Fort Thorn came into view in the distance. Travel through the mountains and low hills of the Galenas was slow and arduous for the bedraggled prisoners, but with the aid and magic of the adventurers they were able to summon enough food and provide enough warmth to keep the group moving. The fort provided the needed moral boost to finish the last leg of the journey.
Approaching Fort Thorn, the arrival of the refugees from the surrounding lands was apparent everywhere. Dozens of tents and makeshift camps had been constructed around the fort’s walls. Riding in towards the fort’s gates, a cry of “PAPA!” could be heard as one of the men saved from the steading was reunited with his family. Throughout the following several hours a few more men were reunited with their families and a few others were heartbroken to find that their family was no more due to a giant or orc raid.
Javoc and the surviving dwarves gathered near a campfire discussing what to do next. They all agreed that they needed a few days’ rest, and that when that was done they would trek north toward the Bloodstone Gates and then on toward home, Hillsafar Hall.
After the excitement and tumult of the return to the fort the group was asked to attend a meeting with Sir Tolgrith and Zander Caskerhill in the keep of Fort Thorn. Sir Tolgrith and Zander, looking more the role of noble then they had seen since first meeting him, met each and every one of them with a warm handshake and a smile. Sir Tolgrith’s gratitude was apparent with every gesture; he motioned for everyone to be seated and calls for wine from one of his attendants.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of Fort Thorn and the Bloodsworn Vale we would like to extend our deepest gratitude for the return of our dear friend Zander and the others. As promised, your reward for the rescue of our young nobleman is yours to take”,
He makes a motion to a small chest on the floor of the room.
“I would also like to honor you all with a feast for the ‘Heroes of the Bloodsworn Vale’, so that the general populace of the fort may thank you in their own way. What you all have done is simply amazing.”
“Indeed”, Zander speaks up, “I will forever be in your debt. Should you ever need a nobleman to speak on your behalf or find yourself in need and I can facilitate that need, it would be my honor to grant that.”
Sir Tolgrith, nervously regards you all, “You have done so much for us but I would ask for your assistance once again. You see, the population of the fort is growing by the day and winter is nearly upon us. Our supplies are low at best and not nearly adequate to feed and care for all of the refugees that are swarming to us for safety. Within a tenday or two we should have the smith and the guild house back in usable condition, and the chapel is nearly restored. What we lack is food and supplies to make it through to the spring. I humbly request that you travel north on behalf of Fort Thorn to the Bloodstone Gates and deliver this missive to the Captain of the Guard there to requisition troops and supplies. The choice is yours. If you are unable to, I will have to ask the half-orc Javok or one of the dwarves, as they made mention of heading that way. I would feel better if someone I trust in deed and ability would deliver the missive, and I cannot spare any of my men here. What say you?”

They agreed.

“Very well, then I hope to see each of you on the ‘morrow at the feast. I understand that the Boar’s Bones is even now preparing for the evening.”

The celebration and feast to honor the ‘Heroes of the Bloodsworn Vale’ involved everyone in around the fort. Your service to this part of Damara will be sung by bards for years to come. The defeat of the Chieftain of the Hill Giants has lessened the burden of these folks in this area that would have otherwise not stood a chance against such a foe.

After a wonderful night of amazing food, dance, drink, and song the party gathers up their supplies to head north. They are approached by Thoot Grimhold, one of the dwarves they had saved from the smithy.

“Oi, ye headin out then? Heading to the Pass I be hearin’. Me and me kin are headin that way as well. Javok be leading the way but we’d be feelin’ safer if’n we could ride along’ with ya’s. Javok’s a good scout n’ all, but ain’t be but a pup with a blade. Me n’ me boys don’t have much for the road, an’ I’m sure that we’d be makin’ the wall if we ride with ya’s. Whadda ya say?

The trek from Fort Thorn had been uneventful and even a light spirited in some cases. Traveling with the dwarves was more of a joy than a burden. Their stories grand and their friendly insults to one another made the journey pass that much faster. Two days from the fort was the destroyed town of Ostrav, the source of many of the refugees that had traveled to Fort Thorn.

The destruction was complete. Hundreds of lives lost and left to rot in the autumn winds. Even now, a month after the attack the carrion birds still filled the sky. The jagged snow covered teeth of Ostrav serves as a sobering reminder to the ruthlessness of the giants that had been rampaging across this land. There was nothing to be done, so the column of travelers offered prayers to their gods and continued on.

Three days hence, the group arrives to the outskirts of the Bloodstone Gate, a massive awe-inspiring structure nearly three-miles long and over 100 feet thick, One of two twin gates that seal the Bloodstone pass between the Kingdom of Damara and the savage lands of Vassa to the west. Within an hour of reaching the Wall the group rides into a familiar sight. Refugees from the surrounding lands have come and erected a small tent city around the Bloodstone Gate itself. As you approach, you are met bay a man-at-arms and watched from arrow-slits above. After a brief exchange with the guard, the gigantic main portcullis is drawn up and you are escorted in. You enter into the cavernous interior of the main gate, and are greeted by another guard that introduces himself as 1st Lieutenant Geoffry Dowson of the Army of Bloodstone. Your horses are stabled and you each greeting with a handshake and a smile, except for Kane. He is saluted and greeted as Adjudicator. Geoffry motions to a door on the northern section of the wall and beckons you to follow him. He states that he will take you to the Captain of the Guard straight away. As you begin to make your way from the stabling area, a grumbling dust covered dwarf emerges from a door on the southern section of the pass.

“By Moradin, you humans are the stupidest lot in all the land… eh? What’s all this?”, he says noticing the grouping of dwarves standing with you. “By the gods, Thoot?”

“Aye, it tis, Grand Mason.”, responds the dwarf that was being addressed

“Why we though ye all dead. By the accounts of tha burnt up troop that came through a few ten-day ago, figured the Hilly’s had ate ye all by now. What happened, and how is it you come to be standing inside o me Wall?”

With a collective look in the groups direction, Thoot responds, “Ask them. They be the ones ta save us from the damned brutes.”


The party ended up collecting their rewards and being asked to deliver a missive for more troops for the Wall. The Captain bought them all dinner and they met a nobleman and his entourage. Of note in the group was the nobleman, a fighter named Reaver, and an old half-elf bard by name or Riordan Parnell.

Kane was challenged to a friendly duel by Reaver and was decisively beaten twice. Perrin using Wind Walk spirited the group off toward Helgabal. En route they came across a skirmish between the Army of Damara and some Frost Giants at the Ford of Goliad. They resumed human form and ended the battle. After rezzing the dead the group Wind Walked again to finish their trip to Helgabal.

S03E03 - The Steading - Part 4 & Part 5
Investigations, Discovery, and Bonfires

Perrin Silverlight

We started out discussing weather to full rest or short and how when a Hill giant yelled something and charged down the stairs we were by with a big table as a shield so all the discussion was moot. lol 4 other hill giants and 2 stone giants followed. A big fight started. The stone giants threw stones at Locust and almost broke your concentration on the wall of fire but it was maintained. A good thing because just as we killed the last stone giant the wall came down and more ogres, hill giants, a giant creature and Nosenra came down the hallway. I was still in earth elemental form and I (Perrin Silverlight) sprinted up to block the hallway and they could only attack me allowing others to heal or prepare. I got pushed back some but that was ok because it created a kill box where I was attacking along with Kane and we killed one at a time as they came down the hallway. that worked till Nosenra made it up. We were out of healing and I was at 2 HP in earth form so I dropped it and went back to wood elf and we would have some healing. Kane, Karric and Silanna were attacking it. A funny thing then happened. Kane got taken down. I ran up and casted a heal then he was back up. Next round down went Kane. I healed again. Same thing. down went Kane. It happened like 4 times. It was like a game of Whack-A-Mole. We all were Laughing or asses off. Karric went down as well. Locust stayed in one spot the whole night firing his cantrip of fire doing great damage. Finally both Karric and Kane were down. I had thrown a ice storm in on Nosenra as well but didn’t take it down but got close. Finally a last cantrip from Locust took him down. We were literaly tapped out of spells except for my 4 first level cures. SO I used them to get both Kane and Karric up and walking and we went to camp in the forge area when we saw something odd in the fires of the forge. A Fire elemental was trapped there they had enslaved for the forge. After the full rest I went fire elemental so I could speak to it after we freed it. I talked to it and mostly it kept saying “Consume” meaning it wanted revenge and was going to burn the place down. I convinced it to let us loot stuf real quick upstairs before it destroyed the place. Which we did. As we left we got far enough away and watched the show of the place burning down in a HUGE bonfire. That’s were we left off. All of the prisoners and the party starting to head for Fort Thorn with the dwarves wrapped in a 26 foot giant grizzly pelt. That was what the creature was with Nosenra.

S03E03 - The Steading - Part 3
Mines, The Smithy, and the Torture Chamber

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